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Kentucky artists featured in annual Capitol Annex exhibit

"The Colors of Spring" by Timothy Gold of Independence.
“The Colors of Spring” by Timothy Gold of Independence.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 10, 2018) — The work of 17 Kentucky artists will grace the hallways of the Capitol Annex during the legislative session.

The Kentucky Arts Council exhibit “Kentucky Visions at the Capitol” will be on display 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, through April 6 at the Annex. The exhibit features 55 individual pieces by Kentucky Crafted artists, Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship recipients and members of the adjudicated Architectural Artists Directory.

“Visions is always a popular feature at the Capitol Annex this time of year. Legislators and legislative staff often comment that they enjoy seeing Kentucky art in the hallways surrounding their offices,” said Chris Cathers, arts council interim executive director. “It’s also a nice way to showcase the work being done by some of Kentucky’s best artists. They deserve the recognition, and this is one way we can honor them.”

Two of the artists whose work is in the Visions exhibit feature topics that were timely to 2017. Jennifer Dunham of Woodford County has four pieces on display, including one titled “Eclipse 2017,” which she said was inspired by the total eclipse in August that was a major tourism driver for western Kentucky.

Dunham, a librarian with Woodford County Public Library, uses old catalog cards as part of her work. She said she had been thinking of an eclipse-related piece before the eclipse even came.

“It was a big deal. I’ve never experienced an eclipse before. I started playing with design, selecting the cards about a week before the eclipse happened,” Dunham said. “I finished the piece a week or so after the eclipse, while still fresh in my mind and everyone was still very excited about it.”

Among the imagery she captured in her work was the crescent-shaped shadows that showed through the trees on pavement.

Lexington artist Jason Sturgill, who also has four works in Visions, chose the spate of hurricanes that hit the continental United States and Puerto Rico in seemingly rapid succession this fall as the theme for his piece, titled “Stay Strong: A Moment for Those Affected by the Hurricane.”

• Ann Stewart Anderson, Jefferson
• Patricia Brock, Jefferson
• Jennifer Dunham, Woodford
• Bruce Frank, Scott
• Timothy Gold, Kenton
• Gary Graham, Fayette
• Suzy Hatcher, Jefferson
• Shirley Jeter, Fayette
• William Kolok, Daviess
• Robert Love, Warren
• Chao Ma, Fayette
• Gena Mark, Fayette
• Kimberly Mahlbacher, Jefferson
• Gary Mesa-Gaido, Rowan
• Joanne Price, Shelby
• Judy Rosati, Jefferson
• Jason Sturgill, Fayette

Visit the Kentucky Arts Council website for a slideshow of the work on exhibit.