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Production starts at Clark Material factory in Vietnam

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Clark Material Handling Co. announced Tuesday it has begun high volume production at its new manufacturing facility in Vietnam. This facility is part of Clark’s global manufacturing platform and will support product demands for North America, Europe and Australia.

Dennis Lawrence, president and CEO of Clark, said of Vietnam production for the U.S., “Clark is an American brand driven around the world and built around the world. The addition of this facility, which will augment the assembly we do here in Lexington of eight models, ensures the company has a broad manufacturing plan that can support global demand and specific regional product needs. I have been to this facility and met with their teams. They are committed to quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. This is a very positive step for the global company’s long-term health.”

The facility, which has annual capacity of 10,000 units, is a fully integrated plant utilizing the Clark Production System (CPS). Using this system will enable the factory to handle complex welding, painting, assembly as well as finished good storage. Additionally, this facility houses full purchasing and engineering teams to support cost competitive and market specific designs. The total campus occupies five acres and has room for future expansion.

Clark Material Handling International and Clark Material Handling, USA are joint owners in this venture. Young An has over a decade of in-country business experience through its bus and headwear divisions and has an excellent understanding of the country’s infrastructure and customs.

Scott Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing, noted the importance of this additional manufacturing operation, “The products involved, primarily internal combustion models support the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets. Vietnam gives Clark three plants to support S-SERIES and larger capacity IC production. This assembly capacity combined with our new equipment factory stock levels in Lexington ensure our Dealers and end-user customers have excellent product availability.”