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UofL Health announces new direct-to-employer health plan

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — UofL Health today announced, a new health plan option for employers in the Louisville, Ky., market. OneHealth Plan is a collaborative effort providing employees access to medical expertise and services, while helping employers improve health care costs.

The plan is anchored by UofL Health providers, services, and facilities including: UofL Hospital; Jewish Hospital; Frazier Rehabilitation Institute; Mary & Elizabeth Hospital; Shelbyville Hospital; Peace Hospital; Medical Centers East, South, Northeast, and Southwest, over 700 physicians and more than 150 physician practices. The plan also offers access to more than 3,000 local independent primary and specialty practices physicians, along with a national provider network allowing plan participants to seek care at a provider of their choice.

“This new health plan is a great option for employers,” said Brandi Meyer, executive director of direct employer contracting at UofL Health. “We know a healthy workforce is essential to a healthy community and we are proud to partner with employers to meet their needs. This plan helps employers control health care costs and increase the quality of care to their workforce.”

In partnership with Key Benefit Administrators (KBA) and the American Health Data Institute (AHDI), the plan gives employers data, tools and access to a patented and proven population health management system. It offers preferred community-based pricing, with a goal to demonstrate cost savings and value to both clients and consumers.

For more information, visit https://onehealthplan.net/.