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Most Midway College tuition rates to remain unchanged

Evening/online nursing program costs to decrease

MIDWAY, Ky. (July 21, 2014) — Midway College has announced its tuition rates for the upcoming academic year. The tuition for Women’s College students remain the same and the per credit hour tuition rates for most evening and online programs are the same or neutral with a combination of rate and fees associated with some classes.

Midway College
Midway College

One area where students will see a real difference is the evening/online nursing programs, both ADN and RN-BSN tuition rates were lowered from $580 to $395 per credit hour.

“With the continued growth of jobs in the healthcare field, Midway College remains dedicated to growing our nursing and health science programs,” said Dr. Laura Armesto, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, Midway College. “We not only want our own ADN graduates to return to continue their education, we want others to be attracted to our program. The tuition adjustment is intended to keep our program cost competitive yet still allow us to deliver our high quality program. The great reputation of our program is known throughout Kentucky and we want to continue to be a leader in educating Kentucky’s top nurses.”

The tuition rate of $395 per credit hour is also applicable to all other evening and online undergraduate programs for the 2014-15 academic year. Graduate program tuition for the MBA program remains the same ($520 per credit hour). The College’s newest graduate program, the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Teacher Leader program, has tuition set at a competitive $410, one of the lowest in the market for online programs in Kentucky.

“Just as we want our associate nursing graduates to return to earn their RN-BSN degree we want to make our Master of Education program price competitive for our teacher education graduates to return to the college to advance their degree and attract other teachers,” said Armesto.

In addition to tuition updates, there are new academic programs or delivery format changes in several academic programs for the upcoming year. These include:

  • B.A. in Sport Management is now available 100 percent online in addition to remaining a Women’s College major
  • A.A. in Early Childhood Education is now offered on the Midway campus and is open to Women’s College and co-ed evening students
  • B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications is now available for Women’s College students and offers areas of concentration in Graphic Design and Writing
  • B.B.A. in Accounting is available to all students -Women’s College, evening and online students
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice is available to all students-Women’s College, evening and online students