Louisville ranked a “most affordable place to live”

From Trulia.com
From Trulia.com

Louisville, Ky. – Online real-state company Trulia has ranked Louisville as a “most affordable place to live” in country, according to a recent article.

In an article discussing the findings, “Nickeled and Dimed: How Commuting Costs and Utilities Affect Middle-Class Housing Affordability,” Louisville was ranked No. 3, just behind Dayton, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio.

According to the article, Louisville households spend 31.1 percent of monthly middle-class income on housing, commuting and utilities. By contrast, in San Francisco, the least affordable place to live, households spend 85.5 percent of monthly middle-class income on housing, commuting and utilities.

To determine the affordability rankings, Trulia measured how much a middle-class household’s monthly income would be spent on a mortgage payment for a median-priced home in the 100 largest U.S. metros, and then factored in how much, on average, each household in a given market would also be spending on utility and commuting costs. (The article outlines the methods and metrics used in detail.)

“The cost of commuting and utilities can also play a big role depending on where you live,” the article’s author, Ralph McLaughlin, writes. “For example, households living in metros with cold winters and host summers might have larger utility bills, and those living in low-density, sprawling metros might have to spend more time and gas driving around town.”

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