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UPIKE business professor honored by Small Business Institute

David Snow
David Snow

Given Showcase Award

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (April 7, 2016) — University of Pikeville business professor David Snow, D.M, was presented with the Showcase Award during the Small Business Institute (SBI) annual conference in New Orleans. Snow is the director of the Kentucky Innovation Network Pikeville office and the director of the SBI program, director of business competitions and associate professor of business at the University of Pikeville.

Snow earned the award for his SBI program work and the accomplishments of the Kentucky Innovation Network’s Pikeville office. Both programs strive to serve local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“The Small Business Institute is a fantastic organization which strives to have an impact on small business owners and the entrepreneurial education of college students,” said Snow. “Every year I learn so much from the other members and I incorporate what I learn into our best practices here at the University of Pikeville. I am very appreciative to be recognized for my work by the SBI.”

The mission of the Small Business Institute is to be the premier provider of professional development for those engaged in experiential student team consulting and related entrepreneurship education, research and activities. SBI is the link between business, education and community. The Small Business Institute is now in its 40th year and is experiencing a growth in membership.