Enerdel Hybrid Car Battery Company to Create 850 Jobs in Indy

By wmadministrator

Lithium-ion battery developer EnerDel has announced plans to locate the company’s new global manufacturing and development operations in Indianapolis, a move that is expected to create more than 850 new jobs across the state through 2012.

EnerDel will expand its Indianapolis research and cell production center, build and equip a battery pack assembly center in nearby Noblesville, and locate a full-scale manufacturing operation at a yet-to-be selected location in Indiana.

The company currently operates a 92-person production facility on the northeast side of Indianapolis and plans to begin hiring additional engineers, production associates and administrative staff later this year.

EnerDel, founded in 2004, develops lithium-ion batteries for automotive manufacturers that are lighter, occupy less space, provide more power and have a longer life than the nickel metal hydride batteries found in today’s hybrid vehicles. According to EnerDel, the company is presently the only manufacturer producing lithium-ion batteries in the United States for the automotive market. The company is a participant in U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium, a collaborative research effort between the U.S. Department of Energy, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, aimed at developing hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle batteries that will enable mass production for electric drive vehicles.

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